Two great athletes will accompany Moreno on this incredible adventure. All professionals share a passion for nature, sports, and the discipline of Hike & Fly.

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Un viaggio all'insegna dell'amicizia

Marco Nardelli
Piero Franchini

Marco Nardelli

I was born in Trento, and the passion for the mountains has always accompanied me in every phase of my life.

From a passion for skiing to endurance sports, I trained and competed in the triathlon discipline for middle and long distances.

In the early '90s, I discovered paragliding. Despite being very attracted to flying down, I was swept up by endurance sports, which are those disciplines that involve prolonged performance over time.

In 2019, I decided to get closer to paragliding again, obtaining my flying license.

The love for flying and running led me to practice Hike & Fly, which combines uphill walking and free flight: racing up a mountain and throwing oneself into the void in flight is an indescribable sensation!

In the last two years, I participated in the Italian Hike & Fly Championship and the Triveneto Paragliding Championship.

Now, I am here at La Epica to try, along with some pilot friends, a new challenge of "legs and flight" only.

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I was born in Pinzolo, Trentino, and I discovered free flight paragliding about twenty years ago.

From that moment, I became passionate about this sport and have never stopped!

I became a professional tandem paragliding pilot and have participated in numerous national and local competitions.

In addition to paragliding, I love cross-country flights where I discovered new, increasingly interesting, and distant routes.

My passion for the mountains and the continuous desire to challenge myself have led me to this incredible endeavor.

La Epica represents for me a unique experience that encapsulates the spirit of adventure I enjoy.

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